Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Theatre vs. Media Room

There is no question that media rooms and home theatres are very popular with homeowners and custom home clients. However, the client must first select what type of room fits best with their lifestyle. here are two definitions according to HGTV:

Home theater
  • The room's main purpose is for viewing movies. It is essentially a dedicated room.
  • The lighting can be controlled according to how the room is used. The room can be made very dark, even during the day.
  • The seating usually is fixed, commonly in multiple rows and often with risers, similar to the seating in conventional theaters.
  • A home theatre is often located on the basement level in a room that does not have any windows.

Media room
  • This multipurpose room has a large video display and a powerful sound system, but the room can be used for other activities.
  • It's a good area for watching movies, but it's also designed for other activities such as video gaming, watching television, entertaining guests, and surfing the Internet.
  • The furniture is not as structured as in a home theater. The room looks like a traditional family room.
  • This type of room can be located in basement, main, or upper level of a home.

It is important to consider how you will most likely use this room before designing it. If you are a serious movie buff and want to focus on the screen without much interaction or conversation with others, then the home theatre is probably best for you. If you prefer a more social gathering where conversation is preferred, a media room might work best.
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